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On-line legal advice


We provide a unique service for our clients. Bearing in mind professionalism of our services and the fact that not every problem requires lawyer's personal participation, we give you a chance to achieve legal assistance on-line. The whole procedure is only a couple of simple steps.



Completing the form (inquiry)


The first step is to complete the attached electronic form with a detailed description of the situation / problem. The form should be sent to the customer's service department in our office.

Initial valuation of the legal advice


Within 48 hours you will receive an initial valuation of the legal advice. If the described situation is unclear in any way for the lawyer you will be contacted by e-mail or by phone in order to achieve information required to assess the case.

Receiving a legal advice


The answer/opinion necessary for you to undertake further steps and professionally solve your own problem will be sent within 72 hours from the moment of receiving the payment to the bank account. Contact information connected with the bank account number can be found under Contact.


Fill in the form


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