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Legal service


The office provides legal service for companies from Poland as well as from abroad. Our office provides legal service also for individual customers (without business activity), especially victims of communication accidents (accident indemnity: action for damages, damages recovery, claims for damages). We ensure professional legal service and individual approach to each client, following the ethical code and maintaining scrupulosity. The range of services provided by the office include such fields as:



Action for damages (claiming damages after accidents)


Full scope of services connected with claiming damages for:

  • communication accidents victims,
  • agriculture accidents victims,
  • labour accidents victims.

Civil Law


  • managing civil procedures in the court of law as well as outside it, including full management of legal actions for motor vehicle accident victims (action for damages)
  • managing inheritance proceedings
  • legal advice connected with the law on protection of competition and consumer rights as well as the unfair competition act

Law on public economic activities


  • issues connected with conducting economic activity in the broad sense and with trade
  • complex legal service for companies
  • entering companies to the National Register of Companies and changes concerning it
  • preparing and verifying commercial contracts
  • conducting companies' due diligence
  • legal advice and consultations connected with conducting economic activity
  • managing liquidation proceedings and bankruptcy procedures
  • vindication of claims
  • representing a client in court proceedings and executive proceeding

Public commission act


  • representing subjects in front of the National Appeal Chamber
  • legal service of subjects engaged in tendering proceedings
  • legal advice and consultation connected with the public procurement law
  • complete management of contractors taking part in proceedings regulated by the public procurement la

Medical Law and Health Care bill


  • legal service connected with creating, reforming and liquidating social health service institutions taking into consideration their legal status
  • setting individual and group practices for doctors and nurses
  • preparing, making amendments and fulfilling health care service contracts
  • legal assistance connected with doctor's, nurse's, payer's and social health service institution's responsibilit

Law on family relations and custody


  • managing divorce and separation cases
  • managing alimony cases
  • managing cases connected with parent-child relation
  • managing cases connected with limitation or deprivation of parental authority
  • managing adoption case

Administration Law and Administration Proceedings


  • representing clients in administration proceedings and court proceedings
  • obtaining concessions, licences and permit

Labour Law


  • preparing and verifying contracts of employment
  • preparing and verifying internal regulations for companies
  • representing employers and employees in the field of Labour Law in court proceeding

Computer Science Law


  • preparing and verifying hosting contracts
  • preparing and verifying contracts transferring property copyrights onto a computer program
  • preparing contracts to introduce computer program


Rules of providing service

Accepting commission by the office requires personal contact from a client. We are open, however, to all enquiries connected with legal assistance.