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Causa Law Office


Causa Law Office has existed on the legal services market since 2009. The lawyer's office is characterised by vast knowledge and high ethical standards of people who form it. Experienced lawyers who work for us have qualifications and ambition to serve legal services at the highest standard on the market for the benefit of our clients. Lawyers cooperating with the office are people registered in the lawyer's professional councils.


legal note


About the office


The main aim of the office is to satisfy our clients through professional and effective legal assistance in different fields of law, for both companies and individual clients. Every entrusted case is analysed individually, thoroughly and with dedication, maintaining constant contact with clients in order to ensure them the feeling of support and safety. We especially treasure the observance of secrecy connected with the profession according to the Advocates' Profession Act and the Act on Legal Advisers. You are invited to use our service.




Legal note


Content of the website is under copyright protection. The right to duplicate, to use and to copy the site, its content or any other element of the website www.causakancelariaprawna.eu comes within the Law on copyright and related rights from 04.02.1994 ( Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland No. 24, point. 83 with further changes).


The owner of the site www.causakancelariaprawna.eu possesses all the copyrights for the contents and graphical signs. Claims for copyright infringement will be enforced. Law enforcement agencies will be notified of all infringements showing features of a punishable act.


The information on the site do not have the characteristics of a legal advice. The owner does not bear responsibility for the interpretation and the usage of texts enclosed on the site www.causakancelariaprawna.eu. The purpose of this website is purely informational and is not an advertisement of the office's offer. Accepting commission for a legal assistance by the office requires personal contact and cannot take place only through this website.